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Month: August 2018

Types of spring type springs are used

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Spring mattresses are developed from the National Carbon Hill. It is stronger because the spring has a rectangular edge, which makes the spring stronger. No friction springs. Spring pressures will pull springs around, causing people to sleep side by side.

Springs in a bag or pocket spring are tied in a cloth bag, so each spring can be stretched or shrunk independently. The curvature of the body is good. This spring is expensive because of the high cost of production that goes into the cloth bag.

The higher the coil, the more flexible the load will be. By standard, the coil should be at least 6 inches. Flexibility and durability are better than coil springs with less threading. The quality of the good wire must have a good look back. Not hard or soft

Rubber mattress

It is very durable as it has a long life of up to 20 years. Especially as a 100% genuine rubber is quite heavy. It does not retain moisture and dust. So the rubber mattress does not smell, just open the door and windows to the room.

Bamboo charcoal mattress

A bamboo charcoal health insulation mattress is an electric heating bamboo charcoal mattress formed by using high-quality bamboo to be made into charcoal after high temperature burning and interacting with an electric heating blanket. Bamboo charcoal mattresses have strong adsorption capacity and purify indoor spaces.

Memory foam

One of the best mattresses is available at It is made with poly-foam to give maximum comfort to the side sleepers and to those who are feeling body pain like back pain, shoulder pain and spinal problem. This foam mattress takes the body curves and changes the shape into it, so the sleeper can take the maximum advantage of good sleeping.


The body and mind are fully rested by having a good night’s sleep. It will make the morning bright, energetic and resulting full performance. There are many elements. This is for those who want to buy a new mattress. If you are thinking of changing a new mattress or want to change your sleep pattern, use a foam mattress.

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